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new website

2017-07-15 00:22:44 by capner

i started a new web site

Twelve Tales batkid still delayed

2017-03-25 00:01:58 by capner

its almost done

Twelve Tales Batkid release date

2017-02-16 22:59:19 by capner

We are hoping to roll out the game between Febuary 27th and March 6th.. If needed for another delay, it should be out with in the first three weeks march.


After the game is out, more update's will made after release. Update's could be anyware from simple bug fixes, to new content, to more level's.

12 tales batkid delayed again

2016-11-27 01:00:09 by capner

but heres a map4139804_148022637541_Untitled.jpg

12 tales batkid delayed again

2016-10-10 19:41:34 by capner

december 2016

12 tales batkid delayed

2016-07-27 12:08:29 by capner

new release date October 2016

12tales batkid

2016-06-28 00:21:53 by capner

Coming August 31st 2016

12tales batkid gameplay

2016-06-20 11:04:53 by capner

here are 2 minutes of gameplay from the game

Utool M.e. or not?

2016-06-19 23:13:52 by capner

would this be a good idea or not?4139804_146639242771_desktop.png

Concept art

2016-06-17 23:46:41 by capner